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First released animation for my indie game "Drake: The Golden Hind Story" (Don't scare link lead on IndieDB page). For comparison, images below is same animation type which was created much earlier for same game. All animation sequences have 24 frames, was created by clean hands without 3D or something else.

This is animation of 2012 with low count of frames. It wasn't enough to make animation of old good classical platformer games - Flashback, Blackthorne, Another World and Prince of Persia. So I take pen, grown in chair and start rework animations.

In my free time (you know term of free time? I'm not) i write articles dedicated game development industry and way of development of game content. Of course telling funny stories from my gamedev life and make tutorials. You can visit the largest russian IT portal and find me if you want (all articles on the russian language, sorry). Last two articles dedicated John Carmack and Pixel-art creation.

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