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I made this game for one year. It's not a long for me, but long for others. That is why you cannot feel real breathe of skye's. For me - it's a fail. Because i cannot put into the game all that i need to put. If you look at game-play you can see - it's a raw. I need another six months on polishing. But my partner on this game cannot work anymore on project. Too long for him. It's been disaster. In plust to all in last night before release balance has changed. On more casual. When game leak into the net with this balance - i have no chances to change it. I have no idea how work code, i can't make changes. After this i absolutely clearly understand - i can work only with guy like me. Crazy in details. Crazy in quality. Loyal and honest.

And i search this guy. Longer three years. I start seven on more little games with each potential partner. Made lot of documentation, mountains of content. I almost crazy in this time. Now i still in search. Because all that i do move so slowly, like classic walking dead.

Idea of this game born in small cafe on main street of our city. We, i'm and one of my best friend, sit and think how we can earn cash on our games. We decide was make game about rotated blocks. He yet work on this game. He have name "Molecat Twist". I'm done, earn cash, leave cash, but i'm not feel that i do something well. I'm not feel that i do good deeds for others.

After this game i start make Sky Defender. After Sky Defender i'm very depress. I understand that i need to do real games, but have no cash on it. I start do a new game. How doomed. Maybe in future i'm divorced. I don't know.

But i know that i must move ahead. I must do old games. Not a games for casual gamers, not a games for anybody. I must do game for myself. Like a treasure chest which must be opened. Because if it's not happen - i'm blow like a bomb.

13 years ago i went to industry for creation of games. But industry... it's a hole with a snakes. In my country only indie think about games. All others - think about cash. Today another two indie companies drowned. Another two games died. Because Russia - it's no country. It's a fate. Here we not live, here people survive.

No country for indie man. As say once David Della Rocco...

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