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This graphical message was created in support of Brian Fargo Kicksarter campaign. Roughly speaking all of this images been created in 35 days. You must remember that this been created in free from work time. Half of month I working, on the second half take holiday. After this be fired, if I'm not wrong, because employer do not love when people work on the different customers. Even if this not real customer, even if you work for fun. But I do not regret. It was funny. Cheers!

This is a funny illustration of madness, statement of fact that one man can do so many if he want to do this.

By the way...

If you like the style which I use in my artwork - look at our next game. Colorful banner image lead you to official site of the game Drake: The Golden Hind Story dedicated to all old gamers. This game will be developed in the spirit of the old traditions, and uses all expirience which we can take from big-damn-development-industry. See ya... and thank you for visiting of my page.

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